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Bespoke Workshops

We also offer the following:


•Professional technique class.

•Choreographic workshops.

•Lecture demonstrations on Beingfrank’s work with young men.

•One-off dance and physical theatre workshops

•Thematically based residencies.

•Youth dance workshops.

•Workshops for young people who are hard to reach or at risk of offending.

•Residencies to aid transition from primary to secondary school.

•Dance for the camera workshops.

•Primary school workshops.

•Secondary school workshops.

•Workshops for Higher and Further Education students.

•Beginner workshops for adults.


WireBoys - JumpCatch
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Beingfrank - inside and outside the box

“"Maidwell Primary School is an Outstanding School and we have worked alongside Dave for many years in order to provide depth and engagement.  The remit is always to develop a cross-curricular theme and we have worked on projects as diverse as Slavery to Exploration to Street Dance/Culture.  The experience is always extremely rewarding and the boys in particular respond to Dave as a ‘cool’ role model. The work culminates in a school performance which is shared with the parents.  The response has always been overwhelmingly enthusiastic with parents left reeling at their children’s confidence, creativity and stamina. Want boys to dance?  Employ Dave. Want girls to dance?  Do the same."


Rosemarie James, Head teacher, Maidwell Primary School.